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On Death and Dying

Most of us, attorneys included, deal with the living; the process of dying and the prospect of death are subjects which are carefully avoided. But end of life issues are a natural progression of life and we, as a society, are beginning to recognize this. The resulting grief experienced by the passing of a loved one and how to deal with it is another matter, and one which is dealt with in an article in the February New Yorker Magazine. It is an excellent summary of the current thinking in this area and a good starting place to lead one to further information. For anyone who deals with the elderly or someone who has experienced a loss its worth reading.


Asian Carp

The Asian Carp menace to the Great Lakes is going to raise some interesting questions for the court down the line. The Supreme Court has already declined to act quickly on the State of Michigan's application to close the locks on the Chicago River, but I don't think this will be the last of it. Since all of the Great Lakes States (except, of course, Illinois) favor closing the locks, I would anticipate another judicial attempt to close the Illinois waterways.



There has been some misunderstanding regarding the Federal and State Inheritance tax situation lately. At the present time, there is no Federal Inheritance tax - no matter the amount of money a person leaves in his estate. If Congress doesn't act this year, the tax will be reinstated automatically. Everyone is speculating on what will be done. However, with health care and unemployment in the forefront, there are no definite answers at this time. We will continue to follow this topic and report any further information when the same is forthcoming. 

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