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Business Law

If your presently in or venturing into business, the proper legal organization is absolutely necessary.  I can advise you as the proper legal vehicle which would be most advantageous to you and provide you the.  Business law encompasses the law governing contracts, sales, commercial paper, agency and employment law, business organizations, property, and bailments.


Verbal agreements and handshakes are fine - but they only go so far.  Most agreements should be reduced to writing and written in such a manner so that the terms can be enforced, if necessary.

Estate & Probate

Do you want the Government to decide where your assets go when you die or do you want to direct this? What measures do you want taken on your behalf if you have a terminal illness? You can walk you through the whole estate planning and health progress so that you - not others - not the Governments - make the decisions. 

Insurance Law

I spent 30 years representing insurance companies.  I can use that experience to work for you.  


Whether or not you plan on litigating, as your attorney, I would be able to determine what's the best approach for your case and advise you on the next steps to take. Even if you decide to settle out of court, I will help you get the settlement you deserve or otherwise assure that your legal rights are being protected.

Mediation & Arbitration

Going to Court is expensive!  Also you have no control over the outcome.  I can provide mediation & arbitration services to help you resolve disputes easily.  All without spending a fortune in attorneys fees.

Personal Injury

I have extensive experience in handling personal injury cases.  As an experienced litigator, I can guide you to a fair and equitable settlement.

Real Estate

I can assist you with all aspects of your real property - whether its your home or your business.  This includes sale and purchase of real property, easements, financing issues and boundary disputes.  Agent for Lawyers Title and Ticor Title Companies. 


A list of clients can be furnished upon request.